Edgehill Montessori Daycare


     Edgehill Montessori is a day care in Riverdale, NY committed to promoting quality Montessori care for children from ages 1 to 5 yrs old. The school is located in a private house and the program is led  by Gila Matalon, a woman with 28 years of experience teaching early childhood education in the Montessori method.

     The house allows the children to take advantage of Riverdale’s beautiful yards and warm atmosphere; the idea is to feel at home.

     School days are enriched with music, art, seasonal and academic themes, and are accompanied by abundant outdoor time as well as trips throughout the Riverdale community. At Edgehill Montessori the care and relationship of trust between the children in the group and school staff evolves and grows within our structure of appropriately responding to the child’s communication of needs to be loved, respected, and accepted. We run the school as a family and welcome new and diverse additions to our day care.